Hi, I'm Lisa and I Investigate Body Corporates

No, I'm not lurking in the bushes of your scheme waiting for you to do something wrong. I'm a Body Corporate Search Agent and I inspect body corporate records and prepare reports. 

On this website I write about body corporates, where they go wrong, how to find out if it is going wrong, and what, if anything, you can do about it. So welcome, thanks for visiting and please do take the time to have a look around.

Body Corporate Disclosures

for sale sign

Every sales contract for a lot in a body corporate must include a body corporate disclosure ...

Pre Purchase Strata Reports

pre purchase strata report

Buyers have an opportunity to investigate a body corporate before they fully commit ...

Body Corp Information

body corporate record searching

Are you confused about all this body corporate stuff? Find simple body corp information here... 

My Customers Say...

 Emily Foster 


...Lisa is the quickest I've worked with for disclosures and always keeps me up to date on when I can receive the report which makes things much easier...

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The best way to avoid disputes? Understand what's happening.

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The Basics of Body Corporates

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