Body Corporate Disclosure Statements 

When you sell a unit in Queensland the sales contract must include a current body corporate disclosure statement

The lot owner is responsible for providing the statement and may appoint an agent to prepare the document on their behalf
body corporate disclosure statement is a search agency based in the Gold Coast - Brisbane areas. ​You may appoint us to prepare your body corporate disclosure statement.

We contact whomever manages the records for your scheme and inspect the records of your body corporate to extract the information you're required to disclose in the contract.​

The disclosure statement we produce is complete and ready to be signed and inserted directly into the sales contract.​

The majority of body corporate disclosure statement orders are completed within 24 - 36 hours of order, and many ​are completed the same day. 

We supply current body corporate disclosure statements for any unit registered within a Queensland strata scheme where the records are managed in the Brisbane - Gold Coast areas

This is for you if...

  • If you have listed your property, or are thinking of listing your property.
  • Your Real Estate Agent has requested you source a body corporate disclosure statement.
  • You're a Real Estate Agent wanting to prepare a sales contract for one of your listings.
  • You're a Solicitor preparing a sales contract for your client.

Body Corporate Disclosure Statements are $125 (including GST)


Warning: Disclosure Statements Expire

Body corporate disclosure statements are prepared and presented based on the most current information displayed in the body corporate records. That information changes.

When things change in your body corporate the disclosed information expires. The most common example of this is when your body corporate issues new levies following a general meeting.

The best time to obtain a body corporate disclosure statement is when a buyer is ready to make an offer. In most cases a disclosure can be obtained within 24 hours so it makes sense to wait before buying.

BUT, without a disclosure it's harder for your agent to sell the lot since for most people the first question they have is "how much are the body corporate levies?" The body corporate disclosure statement answers this question.

We understand how expensive the sales process can be which is why we introduced 1/2 price body corporate disclosure statement updates

half price updates

A current disclosure on hand will help your agent, but not your wallet so to help you sell quicker and with less fuss and cost we'll update expired body corporate disclosures at half price ($62.50) if ...

  • prepared the original disclosure statement at full price ($119.95)
  • The lot owner on the body corporate roll remains the same
  • The updated disclosure statement is ordered within 12 months of the original statement

Our body corporate disclosure statements...

Are Fully Compliant with Body Corporate Legislation

Our body corporate disclosure statements are fully compliant with section 206 of the BCCM Act 1997

Can Be Inserted Directly Into The Sales Contract

The lot owner or agent can sign the disclosure statement and then it is ready to be used

Are Comprehensive

Our body corporate disclosure statements are prepared by strata professionals in a template that minimises errors

Are $119.95 For Any Disclosure For Any Scheme

There is one fixed price for a disclosure statement so you know, in advance, how much it's going to cost

Are Produced Quickly

 Order today, receive your body corporate disclosure tomorrow*. Limited same day transactions are also available

*Occasionally delays are sometimes experienced and are notified to clients immediately

Can be Ordered Online

Orders do need to be in writing however you may  complete the online order form on any device or simply send us an email

Can Be Paid By Credit Card or Direct Deposit

Order and pay for your disclosure in one transaction with your credit card or request an invoice for direct deposit

Are Digital Documents 

The completed body corporate disclosure statement is emailed to your inbox. Simply forward on to your agent(s)

Are Fully Supported

If we make an error preparing your disclosure statement we will rectify that error immediately at no cost to you

Body Corporate Disclosure Statements are $125 (including GST)


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
What Is A Body Corporate Disclosure?

A body corporate disclosure is a simple statement, from the seller to the buyer, notifying them that the lot is part of a body corporate for which ongoing levies will be payable. The current levies resolved by the body corporate must be displayed.

Why Is The Lot Owner Responsible For Providing The Body Corporate Disclosure?

Body corporate records are private information which only "interested parties" are able to access. Those with an interest are predominantly the lot owners. Not only are you the only one able to legally access the information (or appoint an agent) you also need to make sure that you have warned the potential new owner that they will be required to pay ongoing  levies.

Why Do I Need To Order In Writing?

Because body corporate records are private we need to prove to whomever holds the records that we have a lot owners, or lot owners agent's permission to access the records. They will want that permission in writing.

How Do I Know You Got The Order?

After you submit your order to us you will be emailed a carbon copy of the request. Please check it immediately for errors. When we receive the order we immediately make contact with the body corporate manager and book a time to access the records and notify you when you may expect to receive the report.

How Long Until My Disclosure Expires?

The information contained within your disclosure statement relates to your body corporate and each scheme is different. They have different financial year ends throughout the year and different business being conducted. The longest a body corporate disclosure statement will be current is 12 months and the shortest can be days. 


All orders for body corporate disclosure statements need to be in writing. We need your permission to access the records.

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