My Body Corporate Doesn’t Have A Name

body corporate namesWhen you’re dealing with body corporates in Queensland one of the first thing that most people in the industry will ask is “What’s the name of your building or complex?”. That’s because, in Queensland, body corporate names are how schemes are indexed.

But wait you say, my body corporate doesn’t have a name. Actually in Queensland all body corporates have names. It’s a requirement for registration.

A full body corporate name is “Body Corporate for <name> Community Title Scheme <number>”.

So for example Q1, is actually called “Body Corporate for Q1 Community Title Scheme 34498”.

The name and CTS number are used together as it is possible to have two buildings with the same name. CTS numbers, or CMS numbers as the Department of Natural Resources & Mines calls them, are unique identifiers.

How to find body corporate names?

Finding the name of a body corporate is no easy task. This is actually something that’s particularly annoying for anyone doing a strata search in Queensland, since finding the name of the scheme is integral in finding the strata manager.

A simple title search will turn up the name of the lot owner and the lot owners details. It will also return the CTS number of the body corporate, if the lot is part of a body corporate.

Body corporate names are shown in the Community Management Statement (CMS) or survey plan for each particular scheme. A CMS can be purchased from Department Natural Resources & Mines or a subsidiary.


A little knowledge can go a long way

I see so many stressful and frustrating issues in body corporate records that result from simple misunderstandings it hurts my head. If I could do one thing to help it would be to teach everyone the basic rules, so they can avoid all these dramas.

With that in mind I've put together a short eBook that sets out the basics everyone owning in a body corporate really should know. It won't make those big issues go away, but it will give you a firm grounding from which to communicate.

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  1. Doug Murphy says:

    We are wanting to select a name for a forthcoming BC; there must be a Register somewhere where we can check if our chosen name is not already taken. Can you advise please.

    • Hi Doug

      Unfortunately the only register is the one kept by the DNRM and searching it is expensive and difficult. I’m not even sure how you’d go about it.

      It’s not too much of a problem though because a body corporate name is more than just the name part. Each scheme is called … Body Corporate for Community Title Scheme . The numbers are strictly controlled and cannot be duplicated. There are many schemes in QLD with the same name however

  2. We are a body corporate and have the CTS number etc however we are wanting to give the building a name different to the name with the CTS number. The current name is the actual address and then the number. Is this possible and thank you

    • Hi Sandi

      Yes you can change the name of a scheme.

      Firstly you will need to pass a motion at general meeting. The owners have to agree. Then you will need to register a new Community Management Statement. Then it becomes all official.

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