Queensland Body Corporate Managers

Need to contact body corporate managers? Below is a list of body corporate management firms operating in Queensland*.


Brisbane Body Corporate Managers

Body Corporate ManagerPhone number: (07)Email Address
ACE Body Corporate Brisbane East & Redlands3134 3323alice.j@acebodycorp.com.au
Ace Body Corporate CBD & East3379 5151raj.s@acebodycorp.com.au
Ace Body Corporate Hamilton & Lutwyche3264 4366
Ace Body Corporate Northern Region3882 6600alison.w@acebodycorp.com.au
AM Strata3356 7850info@amstrata.com.au
Archers Body Corporate Management3220 9400brisbane@abcm.com.au
Australasian Body Corporate Management (QLD) Pty Ltd3263 6200abcmq@bigpond.com
Barard Management Pty Ltd3839 8800barard@bigpond.com.au
BC4U Management Pty Ltd3845 2425bc4u@legalelements.com.au
Body Corporate Management Specialists3291 2869
BodyCorporate.com.au3324 2500
Body Corporate Management Queensland0409 999 976info@body-corporate-management.com.au
Body Corporate Services3721 7000bcs_brisbane@bcssm.com.au
Brisdon Body Corporate Service3273 6345
Cambridge Management Services3252 9188qld@cambridgems.com.au
Capitol Body Corporate Administration3857 8702team@capitolbca.com.au
CJ Strata - The Body Corporate Specialists1300 364 194clare@cjstrata.com.au
Custom Care Body Corporate Services3201 4411info@customcareservices.com.au
CTS Management Pty Ltd3211 4445info@ctsm.com.au
Eagle Real Estate3394 1077
Ernst Body Corporate Management1300 713 483brisbane@ebcm.com.au
Hartley's Body Corporate Management3278 2583info@hbcm.com.au
Insight Strata Group Pty Ltd1300 217 388info@insightstrata.com.au
Living Strata3862 1868info@livingstrata.com.au
Prudential Body Corporate Managementnow Whittles Australiabrisbane@whittles.com.au
R Matthews & Son3848 0655bodycorp@matthewsrealestate.com.au.
Richardson & Wrench Springwood3808 8878
SQPL Body Corporate Management3200 4079ask@sqpl.com.au
Skehan Body Corporate Managers3862 9499admin@sbcm.com.au
Stewart Silver King & Burns (Brisbane)3010 5555sskb@sskb.com.au
Stansure Strata3359 9877theteam@stansurestrata.com.au
Strata 3 Group 3831 7856enquiry@strata3.com.au
Strata Care Australia3435 5300sca@stratacare.com.au
Strata Dynamics3229 9185info@stratadynamics.com.au
Strata Management Group3267 1888admin@stratamg.com.au
Strata Vision3398 1000admin@stratavision.com.au
Tracsafe Body Corporate Services3114 3198 contact@tracsafe.com.au
Wise Body Corporate Management Services3837 0377
Whittles Australia3821 2758brisbane@whittles.com.au

Gold Coast Body Corporate Managers

Body Corporate ManagerPhone NumberEmail Address
ACE Body Corporate (Gold Coast)5526 0500georgia.c@acebodycorp.com.au
Active Body Corporate Management5574 0044abcm@activebodycorp.com.au
Aquila Body Corporate Management5529 9806admin@aquilabcm.com.au
Archers Body Corporate Management5503 0700goldcoast@abcm.com.au
Australian Unit Administration5575 2955aua@auadmin.com.au
BC4U Management Pty Ltd3845 2425bc4u@legalelements.com.au
Bick Body Corporate Central5535 8989admin@bick.com.au
Body Corporate & Community Administration Services5538 6400
Body Corporate Choice5534 6278
Body Corporate Headquarters5538 2676admin@bchq.com.au
Body Corporate Services5509 6666info@bcssm.com.au
Cambridge Management Services5530 9900qld@cambridgems.com.au
Capitol Body Corporate Administration1300 551 019enquiries@capitolbca.com.au
Challenge Strata Management5574 0055admin@challengestrata.com.au
CJ Strata - The Body Corporate Specialists1300 364 194clare@cjstrata.com.au
Complete Body Corporate Services5591 7505info@completebodycorporate.com
Ernst Body Corporate Management5519 2900goldcoast@ebcm.com.au
Focus Community Management5554 5557reception@focuscommunity.com.au
Gold Coast Body Corporate Specialists5526 4100enquiries@gcbcs.com.au
Kalego Accounting & Strata Professionals5538 2155rjgold@onthenet.com.au
Larkin McDonald5539 0555
Peak Body Corporate Management5528 9999info@peakbcm.com.au
Priback Body Corporate Services0425 717 688martin@pribackbcs.com.au
ProCorp Services5570 6111
QBS Strata Management5519 9000strata@qbsmanagement.com.au
Sanctuary Cove Body Corporate Services5500 3333
Sargeant Strata5539 6886
Stansure Strata5531 6333theteam@stansurestrata.com.au
Stewart Silver King & Burns (Gold Coast)5504 2000sskb@sskb.com.au
Strata Jem 5531 2622info@stratajem.com.au
Strata & Community Management Services5536 8788
Strata Management Group5657 9967admin@stratamg.com.au
Strata Title Management5536 2100tweedheads@stratatitle.com.au
Stratasphere Management5591 6849manager@stratasphere.com.au
Tower Body Corporate Administration5609 4924info@towerbodycorporate.com.au
Village Strata Management5549 1860
Whittles Australia3479 9300info.cleveland@whittles.com.au

*If you’re a Queensland body corporate managerĀ or firm and you’re not included in this list, and you’d like to be, please email info@mybodycorpreport.com.au with your details and I’ll get you included. If you are included and don’t wish to be, again just let me know. I’ll resolve immediately


Finding out which body corporate manager takes care of a particular scheme can be difficult since that information is private. There are some simple hacks you can try.

In most situations the simplest thing to do will be to find someone who owns in the scheme and ask them. Most body corporates have a “body corporate letterbox” that’s monitored by someone onsite. Post a letter and see what happens.

Body corporates are required to update their details with the Department Natural Resources & Mines (Titles Office). A title search on Lot 0 of a particular plan will give you the contact address on record. Be careful here though; many schemes do not update their details.

Read here forĀ more details.


A little knowledge can go a long way

I see so many stressful and frustrating issues in body corporate records that result from simple misunderstandings it hurts my head. If I could do one thing to help it would be to teach everyone the basic rules, so they can avoid all these dramas.

With that in mind I've put together a short eBook that sets out the basics everyone owning in a body corporate really should know. It won't make those big issues go away, but it will give you a firm grounding from which to communicate.

It's completely free, so please, download it now!

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