How Many Strata Schemes in Queensland?

how many strata schemes in queenslandCommon Ground  is a periodic newsletter published by the Office Commissioner Body Corporate & Community Management. It contains all sorts of interesting articles including statistics.  I find statistics like “how many strata schemes in Queensland” riveting stuff, so, in case you do too, I thought I’d share.

How Many Strata Schemes in Queensland?

There are 45,362 strata schemes registered in Queensland as at March 2016 or 431,368 lots in total.

  • 70.4% of schemes have 6 lots and under (an average of 3.25 lots per scheme);
  • 12.26% of schemes have 7 – 10 lots (an average of 8.32 lots per scheme);
  • 8.28% of schemes have 11 – 20 lots (an average of 14.47 lots per scheme);
  • 5.78% of schemes have 21 – 50 lots (an average of 32.24 lots per scheme);
  • 2.35% of schemes have 51 – 100 lots (an average of 70.43 lots per scheme); and
  • .92% of schemes have over 100 lots (an average of 161.86 lots per scheme).

These statistics were last published in September 2015. In the six months period an additional 628 schemes containing 8,516 additional lots have been registered.

Of those new schemes:

  • 440 have 6 lots or less (an average of 2.76 lots per scheme);
  • 52 have 7 – 10 lots (an average of 8.42 lots per scheme);
  • 41 have 11 – 20 lots (an average of 14.8 lots per scheme);
  • 64 have 21 – 50 lots (an average of 31.95 lots per scheme);
  • 16 have 51 – 100 lots (an average of 73.56 lots per scheme); and
  • 15 have over 100 lots accounting for 3,034 lots (an average of 202.26 lots per scheme).

how many strata schemes in queenslandOver 70% of schemes in Queensland have 6 lots or less. Don’t be misled though; when considering total lots that translates to 24%.

Schemes with 51 lots or over account for only 3.2% of total schemes however a whopping 33% of total lots, a third of all schemes.

The bulk of schemes with 6 lots or less are made up of the many, many duplexes that are scattered predominantly throughout our outer suburbs.

By contrast a substantial proportion of larger schemes are located in urban areas and those inner circle suburbs surrounding them.

The stories of units are the story of our cities and there’s good reason for that. Cost of land, council zoning and of course client expectations all drive development decisions that determine where each type of scheme is built.

Other Interesting Statistics

There is a couple of other interesting nuggets of information contained within the statistics provided including breakdown per regulation module and the top five local authorities.

Breakdown per Regulation Module

Regulation Module No. of Schemes % of Total Schemes
Standard 28,966 63.74%
Accommodation 9,457 20.81%
Commercial 3,549 7.81%
Small Schemes 1,969 4.33%
Specified Two Lot 1,501 3.30%
TOTAL 45,442* 100%

*This figure differs from the total given above. The error is transcribed from the source document.

20.81% of registered schemes are designated as Accommodation Module and are therefore eligible to enter into a 25 year agreement with a Caretaker. To me that’s surprising.

Schemes with 51 – 100 and over 100 lots, those that I would expect to be predominantly rental properties, add up to only 9.05% of schemes.

Add in the schemes with 11 to 20 lots and it still only adds up to 17.33% of schemes and makes it clear some schemes with 7 – 10 lots, or even smaller, are registered under Accommodation Module. It’s perplexing.

Sure it’s possible that a smaller scheme may be all rentals, hence Accommodation Module is appropriate, however less owners translates to more risk and correspondingly tighter controls offer more protection.

Five Local Authorities with the Most Bodies Corporate

Local Authority No. of Schemes
Brisbane City 138,974
Gold Coast 118,931
Sunshine Coast 36,426
Moreton Bay 22,358
Cairns 20,347

No surprises there, though it is interesting the scale of the difference in number of schemes between Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

73% of all bodies corporate in Queensland are located in the South East, which corresponds roughly to the 70.2% of the population that lives here (as at 30/6/2013).

And there you have it. A snap shot of how many strata schemes in Queensland.

To read the full statistics as quoted in this article click here.

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  1. Terry Cook says:

    Hi, Your many comments are appreciated and informative – however you appear to be mainly focused on Unit type Bodies Corporate – in other words BUP’s – however there are a substantial amount of Bodies Corporate in Qld that are GTP’s and these types have substantially different problems in management than BUP’s. As well there are 2 different pieces of legislation (BUGT Act & BCCM Act) as well as the IRD Act – as a suggestion maybe you might consider qualifying your comments to take into consideration these other types Bodies Corporate. Regards Terry

    • Hi Terry

      There is no need to qualify the legislation between GTP and BUP. The differences are specific to where boundaries are measured, the legislation does not differ. When specific instances relate to BUP or GTP I discuss them as such.

      The Integrated Resort Act goes hand in hand with the Building Unit and Group Titles Act. The instances of schemes recorded/still recorded under these acts are significantly fewer than schemes registered under the BCCM Act. If I’m discussing something that relates to these acts, which is unusual, I clarify.

  2. Neville Noon says:

    Is it possible to obtain the average length of terms of care-taking agreements?
    that is BC’s registered under the accommodation before 2010 and after 2010 in Queensland
    I know it is possible to have 25 year terms but are BC’s locking in to that length of term now a days.

    • Hi Neville

      Yes Accommodation Module strata schemes in Queensland are definitely locking into 25 year terms. The agreements are usually “topped-up” from time to time.

      Its impossible to get statistics on agreements: they are private information relevant to the strata scheme itself.

  3. Humphrey Hollins says:

    I knocked off our thieving Caretaker on a succession of five year extensions. The thieving bastard lived in Bali! Once I found the frauds he was history, I really wanted him jailed. The whole Caretaking thing is bollocks.

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