The Difference differenceHi, I’m Lisa and I’m a search agent and MyBodyCorpReport is my search agency.

We’re based in South East Queensland covering the Brisbane – Ipswich – Gold Coast region.

There’s nothing new about search agencies. They’ve been around almost as long as body corporates have.

Did you know most search agencies work almost exclusively with real estate agents and Solicitors? The idea being that body corporates are so complex it’s best left to the experts to deal with them.

Unfortunately that attitude doesn’t do unit owners any favours. Yes body corporates are complex, but if you buy a unit you’re going to need to learn how to deal with it.

You have rights and responsibilities as part of your ownership. Some knowledge about body corporates is going to be a huge help.

I have that knowledge and I like to share it. The challenge for me when I started was to find a way to blend traditional services with knowledge and support.

I choose to do that by setting up my business to focus on working directly with buyers and sellers.

Clearer, Easier to Read Pre Purchase Strata Reports

If you’re buying a unit it’s important to research the body corporate you’re joining. A pre purchase strata report can:

  • allow you to walk away from negative situations
  • give you leverage to renegotiate for better terms
  • orientate you to your new community

All pre purchase searches will give you these options, assuming you understand the context and meaning of what’s presented. pre purchase strata reports are designed to be simple and easy to read. They’re also designed to highlight and explore areas that might lead to significant problems.

But highlighting the issue or potential issue in your chosen scheme isn’t enough. To make a fully informed decision you need to understand the implications.

I’ve written and published over 100 articles with just that goal in mind; to help buyers, and existing lot owners, understand what an issue can mean and how it might be addressed.

Common problems and the measures that highlight them are explored in the pre purchase strata search which also contain links for further reading if desired.

My focus is to help buyers make informed decisions by giving them as much or little information as they need when they need it.

Supported Body Corporate Disclosures

Disclosure statements expire.

When they expire will depend on the body corporate itself and when the report is ordered. It’s not something I or any search agent or manager has control over.

For that matter neither does a real estate agent of a lot owner, but, a lot owner will be sent copies of minutes should anything change within the scheme, effectively notifying them that their disclosure statement has expired.

That means lot owners are best placed to control the process of ordering and maintaining body corporate disclosure statements.

At my focus is on working with lot owners by supporting them through their sales period.

I do that by providing ½ price updates of my expired disclosure statements and full support in identifying when that’s likely to be.

And of course all backed up by plenty of concise, clear information about rights and responsibilities.

A Continually Growing Knowledge Base of Articles

You might have guessed by now that the website plays a large part in helping buyers and sellers achieve their needs.

There’s a lot of information on the website covering topics from the basics to what to expect when you’re selling, how to analyse a strata scheme to highlight poor performance to answering specific questions people have had.

That information is there to support my clients.

It’s available free for anyone who’s searching for it with my blessing. I hope it’s helpful.

And if at some stage in the future you’re planning on buying or selling a unit in South East Queensland remember the difference stop on back to see if I might be able to help you.


A little knowledge can go a long way

I see so many stressful and frustrating issues in body corporate records that result from simple misunderstandings it hurts my head. If I could do one thing to help it would be to teach everyone the basic rules, so they can avoid all these dramas.

With that in mind I've put together a short eBook that sets out the basics everyone owning in a body corporate really should know. It won't make those big issues go away, but it will give you a firm grounding from which to communicate.

It's completely free, so please, download it now!

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