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If you are selling a lot choose ....


Body Corporate Disclosure Statement

Fully compliant section 206 disclosure statement for insertion in a sales contract.



Body Corporate Disclosure Statement With Implied Warranties

Fully compliant section 206 disclosure statement including any building defects that may need to be disclosed.

If you are buying a lot choose ...


Pre Purchase Strata Report

A comprehensive audit of the body corporate records to identify any circumstances that may negatively affect a buyer.

If you have other requirements ...

I am a professional Body Corporate Record Searcher and may be appointed to search a schemes records on an hourly basis.

​My hourly rate is $77.00 per hour (including GST) plus disbursements.

Please contact me directly by phone (0415 818 261​) or email (lisa@mybodycorpreport.com.au) to discuss your needs.

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