The Basics of Body Corporates

What every new lot owner needs to know about their investment

Living and owning in a body corporate can be a bewildering experience if you don't understand what's happening around you.

There are lots of rules, plenty of bills and all this information. What does it all mean? You can end up in an argument without even meaning to!

​Body corporates can be very complex but for the most part, with a little knowledge, you can easily avoid the major pitfalls. 

A little knowledge can be a powerful thing. 

Download your free copy of the eBook, The Basics of Body Corporates, now.

the basics of body corporates

The Basics of Body Corporates is... well, it's just the basics. It includes the minimum amount of information you need to know to avoid any major hassles. The eBook is set out in a simple-to-read yet informative format under the following topic headings:

the basics of body corporates
  • What is a body corporate?
  • Levies
  • Insurance
  • By-laws
  • Meetings
  • Disputes
  • Changes

This eBook is a place to start. There's lot more that goes on in body corporates, particularly if you choose to get more involved.

For most people though, just the basics is going to be good enough.

Get your copy now!​

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