Who Gets A Strata Search?

strata searchStrata searches, or body corporate roll searches as they’re called here in Queensland, are, well, my reason for being in business. I believe that buying into a body corporate without actually finding out what’s going on is just nuts!

There is lot that can go wrong, and not just financially either. Sometimes, often actually, the problems are with fellow investors or residents.

This week there was an article in the Herald Sun on just this subject. It does seem buyers aren’t actually bothering to do pre-purchase checks. They just go ahead and hope for the best.

I’m pretty shocked, got to say.

I can’t help but wonder what the problem is. Is it the cost? Is it that buyers don’t know they can? Is it something else entirely? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know if you have any insight, I’d really appreciate it.

In my opinion anyone purchasing in a strata scheme should make some effort to look at the records for that scheme. When you buy you’re buying a portion of whatever’s happening and seriously, that can be dire.

That doesn’t necessarily mean get a strata search from MyBodyCorpReport.com.au (although I’d certainly love it if you did:)) but it does mean do something, anything, to check you’re investing in a place that’s going to work for you.

After all, there’s a reason the current owner is selling.

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A little knowledge can go a long way

I see so many stressful and frustrating issues in body corporate records that result from simple misunderstandings it hurts my head. If I could do one thing to help it would be to teach everyone the basic rules, so they can avoid all these dramas.

With that in mind I've put together a short eBook that sets out the basics everyone owning in a body corporate really should know. It won't make those big issues go away, but it will give you a firm grounding from which to communicate.

It's completely free, so please, download it now!

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  1. great website and certainly an eye opener. would love to download the free ebook for some more knowledge but there is no link 🙁

    would you be so kind as to email it to me please!

    Many thanks

    • Thanks Nicole. And thanks for letting me know about the problem. I’ve emailed you a copy of the report.

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