10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Unit

buying a unitIf you’re thinking of buying a unit then, most likely, you will be buying into a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation.

Strata titled properties are different from free standing houses in a number of different ways.

Firstly along with ownership of your unit you’re taking on a share of the body corporate as well, with all the different responsibilities that entails.

It can be confusing and quite daunting if you’re not familiar with what’s going on (find out the basics of body corporates here).

There are never any guarantees with property investment which is why investment gurus will tell you time and time again; research, research, research.

But when it comes to due diligence on a strata scheme what do you even want to know?

If you can answer the 10 question below before buying a unit and you will already have addressed the most common dispute issues people experience (noise, by-law breaches and utility complaints) and, completed due diligence investigations of the strata scheme.

Finding a search agent to help

The easiest place to find a search agent is to ask the body corporate manager who manages the scheme. They will know  the agents in the relevant area and should be able to give you some contact details.

And of course, if you’re in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area, I can help. Find out more about strata searches here.

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A little knowledge can go a long way

I see so many stressful and frustrating issues in body corporate records that result from simple misunderstandings it hurts my head. If I could do one thing to help it would be to teach everyone the basic rules, so they can avoid all these dramas.

With that in mind I've put together a short eBook that sets out the basics everyone owning in a body corporate really should know. It won't make those big issues go away, but it will give you a firm grounding from which to communicate.

It's completely free, so please, download it now!

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